On behalf of the film4peace we are happy to announce that we are going to produce a photography BRUTALITY AGAINST HUMANITY – A TALE OF ROHINGYA’S IN BANGLADESH. Salahuddin Ahmad a photography student from Melbourne polytechnic, Melbourne, Australia who is one them who want to work with us as volunteer and send EOI. Congratulations Salahuddin and thank you for your time and evolve Melbourne polytechnic, one of the most renowned photography institute in Australia.

We are certain that you are fully aware what is happening near the border between Myanmar and Bangladesh. Myanmar Rohingya population are brutally killed by the Myanmar armies. They burnt the villages, killed and raped thousands and terrorized millions. Satellite image confirms that facts [1], [2], [3]. Myanmar Rohingya population has no energy to fight, there are only escapes. So far Rohingya mass departure exceeds almost 1 million and that number is increasing each day [4]. UN confirms that number but real number could be 2-fold higher. Majority of those victims are women and children. Bangladesh health minister confirms there are 18,000 pregnant women among Rohingya refugees [5]. It is one of the large-scale crisis against humanity in recent times.

Returning from conflict zone, film4peace will host photo exhibition immediately to bring the matter to attention to development agencies and foreign ambassador’s immediately. Then, film4peace will start campaign for fund-raising, global awareness on the issue, Rohingya resettlement and justice for Rohingya community using documentary films and photographs. Early next year, film4peace will also publish a documentary photography book.

At this moment, we do not have any funding commitments but thanks to our Australian, European and North American expats and friends for supporting our work. If you like to help us with funding, though volunteering your time, your expert advice please doesn’t wait. We need you right now.