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Films 4 Peace Foundation


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Films 4 Peace Foundation  is working to promote peace through films and strategic creative communication. In 2009, Film Maker and  peace activist Pervez Siddiqui got Peace Fellowship from the University of Oslo, Norway. Later, he received another fellowship from Diplomacy Training Programme, Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales, Australia.  Mr. Siddiqui made his first documentary film before migration to Norway. Later, he received training on video advocacy from WITNESS at Diplomacy Training programme and inspired to form an organisation for peace and human rights in Bangladesh through films.  After return from Diplomacy Training Programme, Pervez Siddiqui discussed about it with Monis Rafiq (Film Maker) and formed WITNESS Bangladesh.  This year Pervez and Monis plan to make an advocacy film to advocate for the rights of stranded Bangladesh Migrants at Libya. Later, human rights activist Ms. Sarowat Binte Islam supported their initiative and expressed her solidarity too. RMMRU and Manusher Jonno Foundation supported their first initiative. While meeting victims and witnesses to human rights violations, they were struck that their stories were being lost, buried, or ignored, and that cameras could serve as an essential tool for capturing the truth.

The film BROKEN DREAM, screened on Bangladesh and Canada, initiated an international conversation about migrants rights and their repatriation. This public outcry demonstrated the power of films to not only document incidents of abuse, but also to capture the world’s attention.

With the momentum generated by reactions, Pervez and Monis were able to realize their visionary idea of putting film at the forefront of peace and human rights advocacy and campaigns and  WITNESS Bangladesh was founded in 2010. We became an independent nonprofit organization in September, 2017 and we have changed our organisation name as Films 4 Peace Foundation  and registered under the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies & Firms of Bangladesh as non-profit organisation No. S-12727/2017 . (under Act XXI of 1860)

Since our founding, Films 4 Peace Foundation is dedicated to promote a peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development through films.

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Get involved and become a PEACE ACTIVIST.

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Let’s promote a peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development.

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We organize a variety of events such as films festivals, consultations, debates, awards etc. to help people learn about peace and get involved with Films4Peace Foundation. From talks to charity drives to community service, this is where you can find out what’s going on, and sign up!



We believe peace should begins from family. So peace education should start from the family. We started a programme to engage family for peace. Each year we organise a award giving ceremony to motivate family members for peace. We are  dedicated to promote a  peaceful and inclusive families for sustainable development.

Volunteer Spotlight

Ragib Ahsan

“A few years ago, I started looking for worthwhile volunteer opportunities for peace. I began volunteering at the Films4Peace Foundation in September of 2013 and the rest is history. I have met so many wonderful people and have made new friendships with other volunteers who are dedicated for promoting peace.”


Interested in connecting with a larger community for building a peaceful future ? We'd love to hear from you! Check out the number of ways to get involved.

Spread the word

Contact us with your genius social media marketing strategy for PEACE. If we like it, we’ll put you in charge of it.


Do you have a passion for building a peaceful world ?  Do you want to spread the word for peace?  If yes, please involve with Films 4 Peace Foundation and be a peace activist.


Do you believe peace is possible? We will create a global platform for peace with equal opportunities for you. Be an ambassador for peace and change the world


If you have passion for peace and confident to make peace than we are looking for you.

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Be an Ambassador

Do you want to spearhead initiatives that inspire for making peace? Click below to apply to become an ambassador.


Do you have a passion for building a peaceful world ?  Do you want to spread the word for peace?  If yes, please involve with Films 4 Peace Foundation and be an Ambassador for PEACE

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Host an Event

We need people like you! If your up for hosting one of our monthly events in your area, we want to hear from you.


Are you a leader who have passion for peace?  Do you have interest to host an event for building a peaceful future ?? We are looking for you!

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Come Work for Us

Are you a leader who shares our passion for peace? If your up to the challenge, submit your details below.


Do you have passion for peace? Do you think peace is possible ? Are you ready to build a peaceful future ? Please join with us


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